How to determine which user is logged in on Vantage 6.1 (Data Collector or regular user)

I am trying to determine if there is a way to recognize in our vantage 6.10 which users are connected to data collection portion of vantage or just regular vantage. We use the “Plant Floor” program which is considered “data collector” and the regular vantage program for gathering information. In the plant floor section when we reach our maximum slots users receive “maximum number of data collection sessions” but in the regular vantage they will receive a different message saying “maximum number of users exceeded”.

How can I tell which user is logged into which section? Looking at the connected users function it will show me who is logged in but not what type of access they currently have.

I am trying to remember. I think you should see it in connected users. Do you see them there? I was trying to test it on our old system but can’t get into labor collections. You may want to consider only allowing one session. Users are notoriously bad not closing sessions properly.

I don’t think there is a way. We were small enough to know user id’s and which ones only used Data Collections. We also created users to have DC in their user name for Data Collections. Sorry I couldn’t be more help. It has been a long time since I looked at Vantage.

We have 4 Data Collector licenses and 23 Vantage licenses. The 4 data collector licenses are used on timeclock “data stations” within the shop. They are always logged in. Their computer names show up in the Promon list by name. Vantage users, on the otherhand, should be using the Office Data Collection built within Vantage (see screenshot). Vantage users should NOT be using the Data Collector program.


Thanks for the answers guys. I have shared the same with my client.