How to display Corresponding Account on Journal Listing report?

Hi all,

I have a problem when building an extension from Journal Listing report.
As requested, I have to get the Corresponding Account column (GLJrnDtl.GLAccount) on the base of Journal Listing report.

I’ve tried to link tables in RDD, and joined these tables in the report.

But as result, I still have some problem of duplicating the corresponding account like the picture below.

As Journal Listing is a system based report, I can’t access the BAQ to see how the data showing. I still struggle trying to work with Report Data Definition and SRSS. Does anyone have any useful advice for me in this case?

Thank you so much.

Hi, Judy. Welcome to the community.
Hm, it is “funny not-funny” that they named that the glACCOUNT calculated field but then it actually ends up displaying on the report as the GL display account.

If you create a BAQ on GLJrnDtl and GLAcctDisp you have all the fields there and you can throw them into the Display Fields of the BAQ and with Journal Code and Date criteria you can look at examples of the data. You may have already done this.

At first glance, I was thinking just add in the GLAcctDisp table to a custom RDD and take the GLAccount value from there. But admittedly I am not an expert in this area either.

But it sure would be nice if you could just get directly to the GLJrnDtl.GLAccount field since that is the one that when you look directly at it using the BAQ you see that it is of the proper format already: 1234|56|78