How to DMT a PO

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Greeting to all.

I’m interested in DMT’ing a single PO with roughly 50 associated lines.

After looking at both “Purchase Order” and “PO” as search terms in the DMT interface, I’m a bit confused on which DMT selection(s) to choose to make this happen. It almost seems that - in order to perform a single PO upload using DMT - you actually need to perform several DMT steps (but I’m not sure).

Is there a best-practice way to DMT PO data into Epicor? If so, what are the chronological steps?

Thank you for helping.

There is a “Purchase Order Combined” DMT template. For a single PO, regardless of how many lines, this may work (I’ve never had good luck with it, but others have).

I personally would use two uploads… Purchase Order Header (in this case, one data line) and Purchase Order Detail (one data line for each PO line). If you have multiple releases per line, I’d add a third DMT for Purchase Order Release (one line for each PO Release per line).

If you already have your data in a spreadsheet format, it’s just a matter of tedium to break it into the appropriate component uploads. My experience has been that it’s been easier for me to break it out logically beforehand, and then when the upload errors inevitably occur, I can catch and fix them before THAT tedium multiplies logarithmically.