How to find a report style or data definition?

I keep encountering this issue so I wanted to see how other people solve this.

I frequently find myself needing to access the report style or data definition for a particular report. I know how to access the report from the menu, but I don’t know how to correlate this to the “Code” for the report data definition or the “Report Id” for the report style. What winds up happening is that I do a search and start entering possible prefixes, don’t find it, and after a lot more searching than should be necessary finally stumble on it.

If I wanted to know what customization was associated with a menu item, I would just go to menu maintenance. Is there something similar for looking up what report is run from a particular location? I have tried turning on developer mode, but this just tells me the business object being called, which often doesn’t help to find the actual data definition or report style name.

This is my way for looking up RDD.

Print the report, look in the system monitor for the Report description. Find the corresponding Report style by description. Then inside report style you can find out which Data Definition the report style is using.

All the data is in Ice.RptDataDef, maybe a BAQ?

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I was also looking for an easy way to find the reportID to make modifications to the report given its description from the Epicor Menu. It seems there isn’t a magical way but at the moment BAQ will be good enough.
Hoping someone else will share their trick for this in the meantime.

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Wrote a BAQ joining the Ice.RPTDataDef and ICE.ReportStyle. You can get a lot of information on the actual names in this BAQ. Then use the system monitor to see what the report name is and find it on the BAQ download to excel. As with everythign Epicor, the names are not exact.

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