How to find the LIKE property of a search?

The instructions for creating an Advanced Search conclude with the line,

Now when users launch a search program that shares the LIKE property with the selected column, this dashboard is available as an Advanced Search option.

How do I find out what the LIKE property is for an existing search, so I can write a BAQ and dashboard that share it?

For example, I’m trying to add an Advanced Search for the Order… button on the Filter tab of Sales Order Pick List. I assumed its LIKE property would be OrderHed.OrderNum, but apparently that’s incorrect or incomplete, because the dashboard I created does not show up there.

Edit: I missed a step. Now my dashboard is showing up, and it finds and displays the data I expect, but it returns no data to the search program that calls it. Also, when I submit the dialog that asks for the BAQ parameters, I get this error:

Can’t change the visibility of the main menu bar

I’d still like to know how I would have determined the LIKE property if I hadn’t guessed correctly.

Maybe try a BAQ on the BO called ICE.ZDataField

Look for the LikeDatFieldSystemCode (ICE or ERP) and LikeDataFieldName