How to fix duplicate posted AP invoice


I’m trying to unwind an AP mess made by our temp accountant while we shop for a real one…

The original invoice was duplicated due to inconsistent formatting, one with dashes, one with slashes.

Then an attempt to fix was made using the AP adjustment, but I can’t really make sense of what that did. Here are the GL transactions.

I tried to use the GL Account Summary report to review, but I can’t really make sense of this as there are more transactions than I thought I would find.

Once this is sorted, what is the best way to remedy this should it happen again?

Thank you for reading.

When AP Invoice is made (assuming it as Misc.) GL Entry would be Dr- Expense and Cr - AP Payable, so when you have made AP Adjustment then write-off account should have been Expense account, which will result in Dr-AP Payable and Cr-Expense, which effectively nullify the Invoice. Looks like you have selected AP account again in write-off.

AP Invoice is user enterable and above cases are valid cases, if you need some control on this suggest to write a BPM on AP Invoice entry screen.

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Thanks, Rakesh.