How to format a column for grid populated by BAQ in Application Studio?

Can you please let me know if there is any way to format column in the grid which was populated by BAQ?
I found that format can be set in Erp Editor Model when something is selected in Erp Editor drop-down. However this apply only to the Enabled column (when row is selected). When row is not selected then “some default” format is displayed.
Is there any way to format a column for row which is not selected?
This is how AS is displaying numbers for calculated column.

I reported that as a bug a couple months ago: PRB0265031
I’ll see if I can find a status.

It’s set as “Accepted” with no other information.
It was accepted on 4/20. Maybe certain activities on that day caused it to get lost? :thinking:

I check list of all my issues which I submitted to Epicor. There are still entries from 2017 with status “Accepted”. Hope your will be solved quicker than mine!