How to Generate Legal Number during Shipment through API

HI, I’m new in using API REST and would like to know if anyone here have experience to auto generate Legal Number after API post during shipment ship quantity.

The customization C# Epicor adapter able to get it automatically but I does not know when switch to API what statement or the code should use in order to get the same things.

Appreciate if anyone could help could share me the code.

Why REST and not BPM?

We try build some apps in Android mobile OS on eCommerce, and would like to use API to get or update some data to our Epicor, but its our challenge that facing to switch from BPM/C# code adapter to API format.
I’m new newbie for this just hope anyone may share some guide line for this area.

When you get to 10.2.500, Epicor Functions will make this easier for you. You still use the familiar BPM/C# to do the work in Epicor but then expose that library with a user-defined API. This way, the mobile app doesn’t need to understand Epicor and have to be updated if they change the libraries.

Hmm nice and quite interesting, and thanks Mark for the info thus we still using 10.2.400.18, may explorer or install the 10.2.500 version on our VM to explorer that.
beside that is there any reference for me on this?

Quite tough for me as a beginner on API on how to connect with Epicor, I only familiar on C# and BPM.

There are examples here on the forum.

Check these out, start with a small test project and add on. I’m sure you’ll find help here if you get stuck. Your BPM/C# skills are still good and required. You just need to add a little to get the REST calls but it’s less work than what you’re learned so far.

Thanks Mark and I will definitely up-skill from here.

Enable client tracing and do an Actions/Generate Legal Number, it should be available in all transaction forms where a legal number can be generated.

Then just use that endpoint for REST


Hi Jonathan, I did perform this before but just thinking how to apply the same method in API key call to fire the function.
When I save the data through API the system still unable to auto generate Legal Number for me, just thinking after/before UpdateMaster in API what other things i has missing.

If the legal number is setup as Automatic and On Save it should generate after saving the record.

Can you show how you save data through the API that is not working?