How to get actual labor cost rate to match the RG labor rate?

Customer wants their Resource Group setup/prod labor rates to match the actual rates applied when an Employee starts an Operation linked to that RG. How to set this up?

At any given time, any employee could be working on any machine…therefore it won’t work to have the actual labor cost coming from the Employee labor rate.

Unless someone has a better option, I have had to update the LaborDtl and JobAsmbl tables to poperly calculate this.

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@TimRedhed I have done this with a bpm on start activity that sets the rate and burden rate on labordtl to the employee’s rates that I have in UD fields in EmpBasic. I also had to hide them in job tracker so no one knew anyone’s pay.

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@gpayne did you validate that JobAsmbl was correct and therefore Production Detail Report?

@Jason_Woods I had not looked at this process in a long time so I just reviewed a job that had operators with different labor costs than the RG rate and the labor transaction has the rate and the total of all actual labor and burden hour costs ties out to that on the Assemblies cost tab and the production report.