How to get BAQ parameter in SSRS report?

I am very new to Kinetic and SSRS report building. I got struck at the very basic level. Please help me with my below queries

  1. How can we set the position of data fields in the report. Like in crystal report we could set the position by giving the x and y coordinate.
  2. I created the BAQ for making a PO form. A parameter is created for the PO Number. I don’t know how to call that parameter in the SSRS report… I am using MS Report Builder for making the report

Thank you for your time and support.

Welcome @Sreejith

I can help with this one. RDL files are just XML. Make a back up first then open the file in VS Code or any editor that displays XML in a friendly manner. You’ll see all of the properties for each element and you can alter length, width, position, etc. there. I believe people who use Visual Studio can also modify RDL records easily but I’ve never tried that method.

And there’s always SSRS’s Report Builder. Select the object, and the position is shown in the properties pane. Here I selected the TxtCustContactName textbox in the design area, and can edit the position in the properties.

Note that this is relative to the object it is in. The screen shot shows it having a left value of 0.85 in. This is not relative to the edge of the page, but rather the container it is in (which is in Rectangle4, which is in Tablix1, which is in the Body of the report.). Rectangle 4 has a left value of 0, Tablix1 is 0.1175 in. The Body is always at the Left margin of the report. In my case the left margin is 0.25. So that filed should be (0.25 + 0.1175 + 0.0 + 0.85) in from the left edge of the page.


This is my first choice of course UNLESS I have trouble selecting the correct object, then I jump to the RDL.

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There is a very good KB ( KB0114676 - Create your RDD Criteria Set ) that steps through setting up the criteria fields. However, I was unable to find a way to observe those parameters in the SSRS itself. Even the CallContextBPMData field value does not seem to flow all the way through to the SSRS when the data source is a BAQ report. I currently have an Epicor Support case regarding this. I’m open to suggestions to try on this as well.

For BAQ RDD reports BAQ parameters this is what I have done and it is working.

Have you looked at the fields in the BAQReportParameter_GUID table? Fields like BAQReportParameter.Option01 will hold the values from the options created when you made the BAQ Report.


Note: these options are from the BAQ Report Builder, not params setup in the BAQ itself.

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Thank you for the details. The information related to the location settings is very clear. But how to call the parameter in the SSRS report is not yet clear to me… I tried in two ways

  1. By giving the parameter in the BAQ it works perfectly while testing the BAQ
  2. Gave a filter at BAQ Report designer

But how to call any of the above is not clear