How to Go to Assembly Number on large Job BOM?

We have some jobs with large multi-level BOMs, with subassemblies in the hundreds. Users are wanting to quickly find a known Assembly Number on the Job Entry / Job Tracker screen. Eg ASM 137 may be inside ASM 8. Or deeper somewhere else.
Is there any built in functionality that does this - selects an Assembly Number on Job Entry?

We know of the “Find Assembly Part” function, but sometimes it isn’t adequate. I’ve made a recursive BAQ that can give the path to the Assembly Number. This helps, but is still not ideal.

If there is no built in functionality, I suppose the way to do it is mimic the Find Assembly Part with coding. Or maybe this is already done and available somewhere?

Guidance much appreciated. Thanks

This isn’t a perfect answer, but you might be able to scrape something useful out of it.
Check out the drop down for Assembly inside the Issue Assembly form. It shows all the assemblies for the entire job. This doesn’t get the assembly into job entry. But maybe you can use something from this drop down box to help lookup in your job entry form. I have looked for a feature like this in the past and didn’t find anything easy.

Perhaps some custom coding and a nugget in here? Search Node In UltraTree | Infragistics Forums
Find the node and then activate that dataview row?

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Here’s a solution

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