How To: Kinetic Dashboard "Starts With" Criteria

Hey All–

A brief how to that I think will be valuable, but is pretty obscure in setup.
I’m working on Kineticizing a dashboard that has a couple filter criteria that uses “Starts With”.
It was converted to use “LIKE” which is cool, but requires the user to enter a “%” on the end to make it a starts with. Well, we all know users, right? That’s not gonna fly.

You can add the “%” to your value field behind the dynamic property in order to inject it without the user having to enter it themselves.

Add to the end within your where clause parameters.

The user can just enter the word they need to filter on.

And you can see in the payload, the “%” gets injected and makes it a “starts with”.


Sweet! Thanks for sharing, Aaron. I’m sure we’ll run into that situation as we start Kineticising next year…

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