How to make someone a planner

How do I set up someone as a planner? I had thought that it would work like a buyer record is set up (e.g. BUYER1) and a UserID (or more than one) then assigned as authorized user of the BUYER1 record.
However, I can find no Setup menu for Planner or Production Planner (unless I am really just not seeing something that is truly in front of me). When navigate to Part | Sites | Planning and right-click to open with Person Search, there are no results returned.

How do we make someone a planner? Someone who already exist in the system?

More generally, is there any guidance out there about how all the Epicor terms that describe actual people relate to each other? Person, Contact, Work Force, Resource, Buyer, Planner, User … there may be more.

You set them up under Person Maintenance - It’s just called Person in the menu search.


Is there any way to connect the person record to the already-existing contact record and the userID? Seems silly to have three different records for the same individual.

And… it says that a “global alert list” is required, but we are not using global alerts. Any way around that?

I don’t think there is a way to connect the the Person record. I agree that it is silly to have so many records for the same individual.

As far as the “Global Alert List is required”, just go to Alert Group maintenance and create at least one Alert Group (something like “Main Alert Group”). Then assign that to the Person.