How to Not Generate $0 Invoices on Sales Orders

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I have been avoiding entering $0 line items on Sales Orders to avoid generating $0 invoices. I would like to be able to enter these $0 line items to improve tracking on our end when we build out SQL queries. Is there a way to disable the invoices being generated if the amount is $0? Thanks in advance.

Hi, whats the case for not generqting the

For us, we offer some samples to our customer base. Normally they are ordering other items so most of the time, not important; however, if ordered stand alone, the sales order is $0.

For inventory , costing and everything else you SHOULD be generating these zero dollar invoices… what are you doing about these samples that are just “disapearing” from your inventory?

The zero dollar invoice allows you to see where those items went, hit the right GL accounts, account for these “loses” against your P&L etc.

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One option is to update the SSRS report to hide the lines from the customer. That way the system transactions are all correct but you only show your customer what you want them to see.

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