How to Prevent Save without Attachment

Hi Guys is possible to validate the attachments list related to a record that I’m triying to save ??

I mean… I want to force the users to attach at least one document if not show a message box warning


You can’t prevent save without attachments because in order for there to be an attachment there needs to be a record to attach to, chicken and egg problem.

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Hi Jose before saving the parent te system let me open the attachments list to add … can I validate the list just to confirm that there is at least 1 document before hit Save ?? , i’m trying to foud the list name but when I go to customization option the list is disabled

No you cannot add to the list at all without a parent record

Could you write a BPM trigger to fire on an attempted record change to then validate before leaving that an attachment exists?

Wouldn’t work if you close the screen. This could be achieved with a mess of events on the UI, but it could get hairy.