How to print ★ symbol on SSRS report

While Crystal reports can handle this, we are transitioning to SSRS and we need to display it on our work travelers to comply with our suppliers. Are there alternatives to display a black star on SSRS, that can still be pulled from a text field (image not possible)?

I haven’t been able to find unicode options other than this ★ (U+2605).

When the report prints, the empty square indicating “no symbol” is displayed.

can you use an asterisk and keep it simple?

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Is this a static or dynamic field? If it’s static, can you copy the symbol and paste?

Most likely, the initial issue is that the font you are using doesnt have a character for that symbol.

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Your font needs to be Segoe UI Symbol

Then it works fine



Have you tried the CharW function?

=   ChrW(9733) + "  This Line has a star!"


fixed function name and entered unicode value as decimal


Gives you the “square” when you run it.


But switching to Print Layout shows


One last thing … There is an issue where the rendered document will display the star, but if you copy and paste that text to another document, it loses it.

Wow, thank you everyone for the swift responses! I believe Jose’s will work best for us as the star is embedded among other text.

@Chris_Conn recommends you save it as a .jpg then you can embed the image in the report wherever a star is needed. :stuck_out_tongue: Chris!! Where have you been, busy man!

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Oh just hanging out…

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