How to program two subassemblies to be considered manufacturing at the same time?

Hi, good morning!!

I want epicor to consider programming two or more subassemblies to be manufactured at the same time, I have enough resources per area but I don’t program them at the same time, do you know of any way to do the subsequent operations? Right now epicor schedules the cutting operation for me on Monday and the bending operation until Wednesday when the bending operation does not carry any material or anything that could delay the process or operation.


Have you looked at the scheduling setting

Hi @aclements !!

I already have it configured that way, according to the EPICOR manuals the first operation must be Finish-To-Start and the predecessor operations I have as Start-To-Start but even so I schedule the operations with a fairly long period of time , that’s why my question if there is any other configuration or I need to configure something.