How to properly create an Editable External BAQ


Got this from one of your posts

[quote=“hkeric.wci, post:22, topic:88669”]
I do not usually recommend writing directly to SQL. But let’s say you want to write to another database, your own SQL tables. You can use External BAQ and Invoke the BO to do an Update.

Haso, That is exactly what I am trying to do. I have created extra table where I need to allow a user to add/update/delete records into.

Using an External BAQ updatable query I am having issues. (query called TablesPX) BO are for known tables to Epicor. How do you proceed for new table (my new table is within Epicor database under Poly.PXPremCapacite name)?

I have selected AdvancedBPMUpdate only and chose Update

In PreProcessing I am adding todays date in one the the fields as a timeStamp

In the Post, I used the FillTable by Query Widget

With the following mapping

Then I get an error server side about there is no BPM custo attached…
There is no BPM customization attached to Update method of ‘TablesPX’ updatable query in ‘Polymos’ company or BPM system is not enabled.
Please check presence of BPM customization and/or ask administrator for assistance.

HumHum… well I am the only admin here…;(

My question is: Am I missing some configuration somewhere? Is my BPM setup correct?