How to Refernece Ice.Proxy.Proc.SchedProcSetImpl

I traced a method to submit a process to the agent, but I can’t figure out how to call that business object in a widget or via the rest API.

Any ideas?


If you open the swagger page you can see it under Proc Services, almost at the end of the list.

Not sure how the widgets work.

I see it now.

Why can’t I see it in the functions>services search?

I know in 10.2.700 they added them to BPMs. Unsure about Functions.


Might be a 10.2.500 limitation? Try the latest Kinetic see if they show up there.

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No idea, maybe they specifically leave out some services for some reason. Do you see other “ICE” services in that search?

I thought I recalled something like that Haso

I see some ICE services.

I’ll go look in kinetic now.

I don’t really work with functions but maybe in this case you could add the assembly reference and work with that.

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It is in Kinetic. 10.2.500 limitation.

Thanks Haso.

Looking to upgrade after we take the other company live on Kinetic and we find confidence in their launch.

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I appreciate it Jonathan :pray:

@hkeric.wci do you see it in 10.2.700?