How to refresh panel card grid / grid (data provided by BAQ)

Does anyone know which code can be used to refresh a grid on demand?
I can do it manually by clicking the refresh icon above the grid, but I would like to automize it after a custom method.
Tried apps-communicator-broadcast but I have no idea what action to trigger.
Thanks in advance!

From the selected job you have the required materials listed below. This is managed in a custom dataview JobMaterials. This dataview is from type ‘BAQ’. The BAQ is tied to the LaborDtl table by company, jobnum, assemblyseq and oprseq. When you have multiple rows in the current work grid, it reacts nicely when there is a row change in LaborDtl, but when I use issue material and close the screen afterwards I want to refresh the BAQ/Dataview to have the right remaining quantities set. Manually I need to click the refresh button. I doesn’t give any logging information in the dev tools.

I found out that the DataView is actually refreshed, but the selected row doesn’t refresh.
Anyone knows how to deselect a row from a grid by code?
So, when it’s selected, I want to open for example Issue Material, but meanwhile I would like to deselect the row in the grid. This way my notify (refresh) does work.
Might be a bug in the system, because I have the same problem by something simple shown in the following pictures:

Changing the Department it should not show operations ‘CONTROLE’.


Click on it


Click on the next


Job changed and operation changed :expressionless: