How to remove old Epicor icons from Start menu

So this is it. We are converting our database from 9.04 to 11.2 and going live next Tuesday. This has been a 2 year project with lots of starts and stops which leads me to my question.
Over the years we’ve had Epicor 9, 10 and now 11 installed on our client PCs and I am continually asked how to remove the old icons from the start menu on everyone’s computers.
I’ve tried simply right clicking and attempting to delete the icons but in doing so Windows wants to delete the programs and I don’t want to do that.
I believe its something simple that I’m missing. Any ideas?

I forgot to note that we are all running Windows 10 pro.

Uninstall it in control panel

Shortcut Locations:

%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Epicor Software
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Epicor Software

Just curious, why not uninstall the old versions if you are moving to the new version? Seems like some may try to get into the old system inadvertently.

Related issue I found, if anyone is deploying the “Click to run” version of the client for V11, running it silently installed as the user. I found this script to remove them recursively. You do have to script removing the actual install folder, but this removes it from the users’ installed programs in control panel.

RemoveRegEpicor.ps1.txt (2.5 KB)

It worked, but in the end, I used our deployment tool to copy the core files to the computer and setup the shortcuts on the desktop/start menu under the Public profile instead of individual profiles. If anyone is interested in those steps, I can post some of those scripts. It makes it much easier to modify in one spot for shortcuts or sysconfig files. Hopefully it won’t be needed much longer with the Kinetic web. :wink:

Thanks for the responses. I looked at uninstalling the older Epicor programs but in the Control Panel it only lists 1 Epicor program. I don’t want to delete all Epicor, only the old versions.
So what I did was opened “Run” and opened Shell:Appsfolder. This showed me all the icons that appear in my start menu.
I then found the old Epicor icons, right-clicked and opened the file locations and deleted the icons.
They then no longer showed up in the Start menu.
I’ve written a short instruction for the computer saavy in my company to do and will do it myself for those who aren’t. We’ a small firm (40+ people) so it won’t be difficult.

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