How to remove yellow warning on status bar

Early yesterday morning, Epicor welcomed me with a yellow status bar. I went and dug through the logs and found an error in the epicor-smpt.log file. the error stated “Unable to Connect to Server Name on port 25”. After a little more digging I found that the SMTP service wasn’t running. After starting the service and resubmitting my Global Alerts and then restarting the Process and Task app servers. The test email went through as expected, however, the status bar remains yellow. This is primarily an issue because on of our company’s default themes is very close to the same color. I have looked through the Epicor ICE 2.5 Tools User Guide with no avail. Any help towards fixing this issue or some documentation that would assist me would be much appreciated.

Yeah, one of the more annoying “features”.

You can try this: System Management → Global Alert Message Error Log → Alert/Log → Search
Then if you find any event error, you can either delete them or try re-sending messages.
After all errors have been addressed AND you log off/on E9, the yellow bar/message usually is cleared.

But…I seem to remember there is some other condition where the bar is yellow, even though there is no alert log. If it comes back to me, I’ll try to come back & post the steps to clear that version too.

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Thank you Bruce.
Worked like a charm, I’m fairly new to the whole ERP environment in general. And even know most of Epicor’s is very well documented, it has it’s holes.