How to resolve "Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel"

I get this message when trying to install Epicor client on user’s machine.
This may have something to do with the certificates being valid on the server. But we are using the serverless" version of Epircor.
We do not have Epicor installed on our server. We use the cloud based applications where we install the clients from “
There is only one system that has this issue, it is Windows 7 and it is updated.

Unfortunately (or not) Windows 7 is End Of Life and is no longer supported. Even extended support.
Time to upgrade.

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Yes, completely aware of that fact. Upgrade is in the pipeline. Can’t wait till the upgrade to resolve this issue.

Search for enabling TLS 1.2 on windows 7.

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Still doesn’t work

I have followed the instructions here
Update to enable TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 as default secure protocols in WinHTTP in Windows - Microsoft Support
& in Internet Options I see that TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 are selected

Did you reboot?

oh yes, many times. Definitely rebooted everytime registery settings were edited.

I dunno then.

Is the time on the PC correct?

Yes, it is

Did you install this KB3140245 ?

What does this TLS checking site tell you?

Do you have the rest of the certificate chain trusted by the client PC? What domain signed the app-server’s certificate, is that domain’s root certificate trusted, etc…

Some places deploy that certificate via GPO, if joined to a domain, perhaps the client PC is not a member of the GPO to get the root-cert?

He’s Epicor Cloud.

Throwing :poop: at the wall here but maybe try this

At this point though, just get the man a new PC LoL


I just updated someone from Windows XP to Windows 7, and from Windows Vista to Windows 10… The PC can still go on for another decade, it says so on the sticker.

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Thank you all for your help! I will be deploying this old pc kicking around with Windows 10…

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