How to Reverse AP Payment after cleared in Bank Recon

How to do I reverse an AP Payment after it has been cleared in Bank Recon. Payment made in August, but ACH payment was returned in September.


Use Void Payment Entry.


I thought the same, but my payment number doesn’t come up. I was thinking it was because the ACH Payment was cleared through the bank recon in August when it cleared the bank, only to have the ACH Returned in September. Thoughts?


@jfowler In my experience, I’ve been able to void payments that already cleared the bank. The system ends up creating the opposite payment transaction to clear on the next bank rec.

Interesting. Because the payment cleared last month, I could not void it. I worked around it by depositing misc cash to 9999 and creating misc AP invoice to 9999.

Hmm, I must be getting this mixed up with cash receipts! Sorry :slight_smile: I know you can reverse cleared cash receipts, but now that I try to test voiding a cleared payment, it’s not working.

You cannot void a cleared payment.

Vinay Kamboj

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