How to route the output of a BPM condition to multiple widgets?

In the BPM Workflow Designer, I have a condition widget. When the condition is true, I need for multiple things to happen. These are also conditions. However, once I connect the true output of the first condition to the input of the second condition, I can’t figure out how to make another connection from the same true output to the input of a third condition. When I try to click on the output of the condition and drag like I did with the first connection, it starts trying to select instead.

I don’t see any “splitter” type widgets. I thought maybe I could insert an “Execute Custom Code” widget with no content and route two outputs from it, but once I connect the first output it no longer offers me any outputs to connect to.

You can only output from each widget one time (or, for condition widgets, once per true and once per false). If you need multiple widgets to happen, you chain them together, taking the output from the true conditional, into a widget, then out of that widget, into another one, etc.

My logic looks something like this:

if (condition 1) {
    if (condition 2) {
        action 1
    if (condition 3) {
        action 2

If I start to chain them together, It would look something like:

+-----------+   +-----------+   +--------+
|Condition 1|   |Condition 2|   |Action 1|
|      true:|-->|      true:|-->|        |--> ???
+-----------+   +-----------+   +--------+

Now at this point, the only place I have to connect anything is the output of action 1, but that only gets executed if both condition 1 and condition 2 are true.

I can’t see how to get to the condition 3 test. How do put that in the chain?

I would to something like the following:


Ah I see… both the true and false output are both leading to the same place. I figured there was something simple I was missing. :blush: