How to see the ripple effects of re-prioritizing a Sales Order for a manufactured part?

Over the years, customers have asked me this question, and I never have a great answer. If the SO is make direct, the answer can be complicated. If it’s make to stock, it’s different complications. Maybe the SO is for a part that requires a finite resource, which is needed for different part numbers. If the resource is infinite, ugh. I’m curious how other folks have approached this question: if a customer calls and wants to pay an expedite fee to ‘jump the line’, how to view the impact on the other sales orders needing the same part or resource?

I have yet to answer this question in a meaningful way. However, I believe that when the time comes, I will be using What-if schedules and the Schedule Impact report. This report has enough details to show when a job will becomes more or less early or late.
Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

Those are the standard tools, yup. But it doesn’t produce the data that is needed for whoever is promising dates to the customer. This is the gap I can’t resolve:

  1. for Make Direct: change the job scheduling priority code, update the Req By date, and the Ship By date in the SO. Run global scheduling in What If…but, because it’s What If, we can’t run Multi-Level Pegging to return a new calculated ATP date to the other Sales Orders.
  2. for Make to Stock: no direct connection between the SO and Job, just pegging. I have tried using the Reservation Priority, but assuming it works, my understanding is that there is no way to What If it. Hope I’m wrong, please let me know!

Clarification: “doesn’t produce the data”, I should have said, “doesn’t quickly or easily produce the data”. If I have 500 jobs, I could pore over the Schedule Impact report for a few days and get the data, but who has the time?