How to send data from selected rows in a grid in Epicor Kinetic / Application Studio to a Epicor function?

I created a custom dataview which is retrieving data from a BAQ and displaying it in a panel card grid. I want to send data selected rows or the rows whose “Select” checkbox is activated.

I tried using the epicor functions. I used method parameters in the erp-function and also using request parameter while setting the same names but while performing the specified event I get Object reference error.

I’m in a similar situation. Did you ever get this working?

Nope. Not yet

Hi - did either of you manage this?

still no :sweat_smile:

Thanks - digging around …
Hanna Willett has posted something that will work for this - Pass a dataview to a function for further processing
Use a REST function rather than an normal function.
Works a treat.