How to setting up a part cross-reference number on a Stock Part for a Customer

Hello All,

Hope you can help – I am trying to find out here to set up a part cross-reference number for a Stock Item….

I can’t see it in the Part Maintenance……

Could I just be missing something – It’s being a long morning…… :slight_smile:

It’s a separate program under Material Management > Inventory Management > Setup > Internal Part Cross Reference


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That is Perfect… Thank you…


When would you recommend using:

  • Internal Cross Reference
  • Customer Part Cross Reference
  • Manufacturer Part Cross Reference (Supplier Price List)

Customer Part Cross Reference is for when the Customer has their own part number and for whatever reason you have a DIFFERENT part number for the exact same item. I use this one a lot.

I’ve really only used Internal Cross Reference at implementation time when there have been multiple part numbers for the same item in a previous system… picking one to be the “real” one going forward and linking the others. I had an implementation last year where some parts had literally half a dozen different part numbers scattered around the company (needless to say their inventory was a nightmare).

Manufacturer Part Cross Reference is when (for instance) you get a requirement to build something and the customer wants one of the components to be “equivalent to XXX (manufacturer name) Part Number YYYYY”… and your supplier has a DIFFERENT part number for it… and you may (or may not) have yet a third part number for it. I haven’t used that one for quite some time.

The subject says “…for a Customer”, so should he use the Customer Cross Reference instead of the Internal Cross Reference?

BTW, I never knew about the Internal Cross Reference! I think I can totally use this here. Thanks!!!

and just for everyone’s reference. these values are all stored in different tables that can be hard to find when looking later.

PartXRefInt - Internal Part Cross Reference
PartXRefVend - Supplier Part Cross Reference
CustXPrt - Customer Part Cross Reference.
PartXRefMfg - Manufacturing Part Cross Reference


You’re right… I get these via email and don’t always look at the titles.

@DermotN, you’ll want to use Customer Part Cross Reference to tie your stock part number to your customer’s internal part number…



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Thanks for that - I am getting into starting this project in the next few days… This has being a great help…

Random bit of extra information…

Customer Part Cross Reference supports a customer description. When you enter the customer’s part number in the sales order, it pulls in the customer’s part description.

There is no similar functionality on the supplier side – we cannot store a supplier’s description of a part that is different from the Part table description. When you enter the supplier part number in the PO, it pulls in the description from the Part table.