How to stop epicor from updating the check numbers on checks?

Is there a way to prevent epicor from updating the check number on checks when you print them?

Can you explain the business problem? Updating where? On the check? In the database? Are the checks preprinted? I’m not quite following.

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What we are trying to do is email pay stubs to employees via APR with I know how to do. When you run print checks form the payroll check entry screen, it normally assigns a check number to the check. is there a way to prevent it from assigning the chick number?

Or would it be easier to just create a baq report with an apr routing?

Ahhh. Payroll and not AP.

I kind of like the BAQ report idea. That way you have full control of what data is sent, what it looks like, and when to send it.

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It assigns the check number to the check because that’s how checks are processed. Do you not then proceed to post the check group? This is standard behavior what’s the issue you are running into?

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seems like chris is trying to send out a pay stub before printing the actual check??

Basically, yes. It seams to me that a BAQ report will be the best way to go.

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