How to synch personalizations for the home screen across client hosts for users

Once, a long time ago apparently (E8, E9, E10.0), I used to be able to find user’s personalizations in xml form within their Windows profiles on our client servers. If we synchronized certain directories from one server to others, users personalizations across client host servers (MS RDS or Parallels) would all stay in sync and it was pretty easy to maintain.
Was that obsoleted or is there a setting that I am missing that enabled that?
What we are seeing now in Kinetic 11 is that until a user has been logged into each client server (through being routed to it thru load balancing) and uses Kinetic and redoes the main screen layout and Menu view on a client host for the first time, it appears to the users that layout saving isn’t working. So I am hoping to learn how to do a synch from a master to all other client servers… if even necessary. Maybe I am missing something more basic or fundamental. Anyone got advice for managing the user experience across many client hosts? I am not sure we are ready to begin using roaming profiles but I am open to ideas of any kind. Thanks!