How to track how many login failures due to Maximum users exceeded?

Is there somewhere I can look to find when and how many logins attempts failed due to “Maximum users exceeded on license”? Or a BAQ to create a dashboard showing the number of users currently holding a license, enabling us to determine when we have nearing or reached the limit?

you can check license consumption here, also you can “kick out” active session.

Also you can try review SysActivityLog in baq there you can find who couldn’t log in and you can find a reason like:
“Access denied (wrong header format). Contact your System Administrator to ensure you have access.”

Invalid username or password.

Password has expired for user: xxx. To restore access, please contact your local administrator.

Server is not available. Please review Server Event Logs for details.

This account is currently locked.

This account is currently locked. The account will be unlocked in 0 minute 11 seconds.

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Wow - I feel stupid - I always logged into the server to kick people out; I never realized there was a “Session Management” for this! (Not many others have mentioned it on the site either, so it’s a well-kept “secret” I guess.)

Also I was hoping for the best with the SysActivityLog, but I only have 2 entries in 2022 - so I think this does not apply with single sign-on?

@mchernecki I had make something to track this. I was in a similar situation. Well, it never really ends; we keep hiring more people and needing more licenses.

You shouldn’t feel stupid, Jason… the “Session Management” menu option does not exist in System Setup/Security Maintenance with version, so it apparently was added in version 10.2.300 or later (making it a relatively new option rather than a well-kept secret).