How to use Supplier Price List screen?

I must be missing something really dumb - How are we supposed to see all the parts/prices in the Supplier Price List program?

Currently I’m selecting a supplier, no parts load. So I’m clicking Part…, choosing several thousand of our parts, giving it time to load the ~15 of them that have pricing data.

Please tell me there is a better way… Or if it is not intended to be used this way, that we need to set up a dashboard to se the Supplier Price List.

Goal is to see all the entered parts/prices for a supplier.

Thank you

Are you wanting to DMT the data? I used a DMT to load everything.

Company PartNum PUM EffectiveDate BaseUnitPrice VenPartNum PrimaryVendor VendorID AprvSupplier VendSuppPart VendPBrk#PartNum VendPBrk#PUM VendPBrk#EffectiveDate

Well, that didn’t paste very nicely. Is this what you need?


No, I’m just looking to see the price lists.

Ok, I may be confused.
It sounds like you have very few parts linked to the SPL (15 out of several thousand). If you want to know which of your parts are linked to SPL, you can write a BAQ. This is mine:

[VendPart].[Company] as [VendPart_Company],
[VendPart].[PartNum] as [VendPart_PartNum],
[VendPart].[PUM] as [VendPart_PUM],
[VendPart].[EffectiveDate] as [VendPart_EffectiveDate],
[VendPart].[BaseUnitPrice] as [VendPart_BaseUnitPrice],
[VendPart].[VendorNum] as [VendPart_VendorNum],
[VendPart].[VenPartNum] as [VendPart_VenPartNum],
[Vendor].[VendorID] as [Vendor_VendorID],
[Vendor].[Name] as [Vendor_Name],
[Vendor].[VendorNum] as [Vendor_VendorNum]

from Erp.VendPart as [VendPart]
inner join Erp.Vendor as [Vendor] on
VendPart.Company = Vendor.Company
and VendPart.VendorNum = Vendor.VendorNum

You have to link VendPart to Vendor.


Ok thanks so you had to make a BAQ/Dashboard.

Sounds like you’re confirming that there isn’t a built in easy way to load the Supplier Price List entries in the Supplier Price List program… :rage:

that would correct, sorry…

There is this:

This is one Supplier at a time if I recall.

@Mark_Wonsil He wants to see the ones that exist for a supplier or suppliers.

When I click on part then search it only displays the prices specifically entered for the selected supplier. We are still on 10.2, so I am hoping this is not how Kinetic works.

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I was thrown off by this.


To your credit, I see that if you use Export Price List, enter a file name, and click OK, it loads all the pricing. But in a different screen… :expressionless:

Hey thanks, this got me what I needed Paul. We had a quick search default instead of the base search. Base search is needed to pull the smaller applicable parts list. Knew it had to be something dumb…

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