How to view UD field from Order Entry on Customer Shipment Entry

Hi all. I’m sure this is a simple one for all you gurus, but my Google-Fu has come up empty thus far.

I was asked to add a Memo/Notes field to the Order Entry form (OrderHed) that carries through to Order Tracker, Customer Shipment Entry, and Customer Shipment Tracker as read-only.

Adding the UD field and carrying it through to Order Tracker was easy. I’m a little perplexed about how to connect the new field to Customer Shipment Entry. I explored the idea of a Foreign Multi Key View, but none of the Order tables (and certainly not the UD tables) are available in lists when creating new views. I saw a solution that involved modifying the client sysconfig file, but that doesn’t seem like a great path for long-term administration (nor Kinetic upgrade)

Can anyone offer guidance about how this might be possible? Thank you in advance!

Really? Nothing on this topic? I thought for certain this would be something quick.

Is there any way to pull a field from OrderHed_UD into the Order Line in Shipment Entry?

Is this something you do not want the customer to see (like on a packing slip)?

On the sales order, you have both Header and Line, Comments for Packing Slip.


The Lines - Comments - Pack, come through on the Customer Shipment Entry, Comments Shipping tab and the SO Header - Comments - Pack come through on the Customer Shipment Entry, Comments Header tab (but they will show up on the pack slip).

Correct, these are internal notes the Customer Service reps might add to the SO for the Shipping Department to see when they go to create the Shipment. Things like, “Send 100 to Office and the rest to Warehouse”, or “This order will require a Liftgate”.

Hi Justen,

Just wondered if you got this to work? Looking to do something similar, invoke maybe a BPM or similar to pull through the comments from Order entry so when the Despatch team pull delivery notes, the comments are present, without these comments actually printing on the delivery note itself.


We actually ended up creating a dashboard for our shipping department that lists all the shipments for the day and pulls in relevant info from the order, including comments/notes that won’t print on the packing list.