HP Server Problems, Can Progress or Vantage be caus ing this

Along with the issue of a bad batch of hard drives you can add a flat out
bad design for a hard drive. Consider leaning on HP to give you 2 drives of
the next larger size.

Also, are these 10,000 rpm drives? If so, do the boxes have strong enough
fans to pull the heat away from the drives? Open a running box and put your
fingers on the drive - hot to the touch? When the higher speed drives first
came out several mfg's started using them without changing their box designs
and the heat buildup was nasty. Is the server in a room that is reasonably

If heat appears to be an issue ... open the case and park a desktop fan on
high pointing straight into the side of the case.

Todd Anderson

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I have a lengtly problem that I wondered if Vantage or Progress could
be causing
To make a long story short
We have a HP LH3000 Net Server
I am running Vantage 5.118 and Progress
I have two 9 gb SCSI Hard Drives with a hardware mirror
I have had problems for two months with the first drive
It keeps failing
I have done EVERYTHING I Can think of!
HP Has replaced EVERYTHING IN the machine
Both Hard Drives
SCSI Back Plane
SCSI Cables
And the motherboard
Guess what
Still having problems with the drives failing
I have reformatted the drives and done a fresh install on Vantage and
progress TWICE

HP Has a 29 day turn around on getting me a new server
While I am waiting and "babying this thing"
I was asked by Micron (Thats who they got the server from)
COuld it be something your software is doing?
I am going to contact Epicor about this but I have been all the way
in the hardware configuration and it says that the drives will not
spin up or initilize or or or

Anyone else had anything similiar?


James Piper
Meco Inc

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