Hybrid Invoice - Regular Shipments plus Advance Billing

We have a situation that might become much more common for us:

  • customer ordered 2 items for immediate shipment plus one item to ship 1 year from now
  • customer wants one invoice and will pay all 3 lines now (terms net 30)
  • we want to put in 1 order for all 3 lines
  • we want to ship the first 2 lines immediately and keep the 3rd line in open orders

It seems this could be accomplished by simply shipping the first 2 lines and putting the third in Advanced Billing - but we can’t seem to accomplish a “hybrid” invoice that allows both items (shipped lines and an advanced billing line). Epicor forces one of the other at the start of the invoicing process.

Anyone have a way they do this? FYI, line 3 is an extended warranty type product, so the customer pays for it now but we want the order line to remain unshipped (and unrecognized) until we hit the actual warranty period next year.

Do advanced billing for the entire order and let the system take care of the rest.



OK, I am running it through a test environment to see how it goes.

The basic problem I see with this (running the entire order through Advanced Billing) is the invoice created is an “Advanced Billing” invoice, thus it shows no quantity shipped. We are immediately shipping lines 1 and 2, but we want line 3 to stay in open orders.


What if he did regular invoicing but clicked the Deferred box on the Warranty line then created a schedule to start a year from the shipment date? The warranty would go to the deferred revenue account and then when they ran the deferred revenue utility, it would earn revenue (and remove from deferred) in the appropriate month. It’s a little work up front, but it might work.

When you ship lines 1 and 2 a shipping invoice will have to be created. This invoice will show the quantities shipped. This will obviously be zero amount due since the advance would be adjusted by the system on these two lines.

Line 3 will remain open and show that there is an advance payment done for this.

You can enter quantities on the advanced billing invoice also and modify the report to print them. That is what we did to show actual quantity being shipped.


Vinay Kamboj

I do not know how the warranty works. You will probably need the module for it.

Vinay Kamboj

So to do this we would need the Deferred Revenue Module?

We did have it, so it’s a distinct possibility.

FYI - to close this thread, we did NOT find a solution. We ended up shipping the first 2 lines and creating a normal invoice. We did an Advanced Billing on line 3. We then edited a pdf of the original invoice to combine the 2 Epicor invoices into one for the customer. Totally a one-off invoice, if we start to do more of these we need a “real” workflow.