I Need Our SQL Report To Pull ALL OpCodes Instead of Just One

So we have a custom report written up for our work instructions that the operators pull up on monitors in their work space. Depending on which operation the worker is starting in MES, the report for that operation will print if they press the work instruction print button that our consultant put in there. We also have a similar back door method in epicor itself so that upper management can access the work instructions whenever they’d like. We recently were asked if there was a way to pull ALL of the operations work instructions at once. This would be for review purposes and first run samples. As it stands now we have to print each one individually which, thanks to epicors speedy run time (sarcasm), can add up to a good amount of time.

I imagine the SQL report is looking for one operation code and limiting the report by that. Can i go into the SQL server, copy the report, and edit it to ignore the opcode and print whatever it has for a specific PartNum/RevNum combo?

Depending on how the report was set up, it may be possible to edit it in the way you described. For instance, if this is a non-BAQ Report SSRS report that has the dataset query embedded to the transactional database (or replicated), you should be able to simply make a modification to this query and avoid altering the existing parameters your consultant setup.

If this is passed through a BAQ report, then the query change would have to be done within the BAQ because the information that the SSRS points to is an instantiated set of report data and you wouldn’t be able to expand upon this unless you pointed back to the main database.

If it is as simple as a filter clause such as "where opcode = ‘X’ " and removing that statement either in the SSRS dataset query expression (or the BAQ if applicable), then great - I’d say give it a shot in a test environment and see if you get the expected result. Otherwise, there may be a more detailed specification that is required in order to propose a solution for the problem.

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