I was unable to check the 'shopsuperviosr' box in employee entry

I was trying to check the shop supervisor box for this emplpyee , but system doesn’t allow me to change it, and I got attached error.

It looks like Epicor thinks that Sanjay Gandhi is a duplicate employee record. Try clicking Refresh. And if that doesn’t work, then close and restart your Epicor client.

If not, you may need to get a data fix from EpiCare if that doesn’t work.

Did you find any solution for this @askulte ?
We are facing this in our test environment for one user.

@Shizar115 - This wasn’t our problem, maybe @Ivyhan1995 can chime in?

If the error is showing duplicate record, see if there’s one already created (and maybe is inactive?). Click the refresh arrows on top too, to bring in the latest data (although that’s usually the “another user has modified…” error).

I have notice when clicking shop supervisor it also creates a workforce for that user you may want to make sure you dont have a workforce user setup for that person as well.

Hi @Ivyhan1995 and @askulte ,

We resolved this for ourselves today.
The issue was we had a duplicate for a contact in Person/Contact menu (PerCon table).
Make sure your Employee and your work force user both point toward the same contact.



@Shizar115 , thanks for posting this solution. I had the same issue and removing the duplicate Person/Contact entry fixed the problem for us.

Now, on to fixing all the other bad data in that table :grimacing:.

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You are very welcome my friend!

Thank you, I had the same issue. Confirming this solved.