If installing Social Enterprise and Authenication

Do I need to select Windows Authentication in the Application Server Setup? I am using UsernameWindowsChannel.

Use these steps to install Epicor Social Enterprise.
When your Epicor ERP application server is set up to use Windows authentication (Windows endpoint binding is
selected in the application server configuration), you must also do the following to prepare for using Windows
authorization in your Epicor Social Enterprise installation:
• Create a Windows domain account that links back to a system User ID with Single Sign-On feature set up
and Allow Session Impersonation option selected. In Epicor ERP, create a user that maps to that Windows
account. You may want to give the Windows account and the Epicor ERP user account a name that indicates
their purpose; for example, EpicorSocial. When configuring Epicor Social Enterprise later in this procedure,
the custom account must be used as the login account for the Epicor CDC Log Reader service and as the
application pool account used by the Epicor Social Enterprise web site.
• Enable windows authentication for the Epicor Social Enterprise website. The Epicor Social Enterprise website
by default does not turn on windows authentication and it must be turned on manually. See your Windows
IIS documentation for instructions.