IF there was a Wiki, how would one organize it?

Thinking about the Wiki again, and thoughts go to how to organize and maintain it. I would like to split it up into pieces that are easier to update and reduce merge conflicts…

So how would you organize the Wiki?

  • By Business Processes
  • Customization/Coding Section
  • Administration
  • Menu Items (Production, Sales, Financial Management, …)
  • ???

Thoughts welcome!


This is a problem solved by knowledge graphs/linked data. A wiki can never be organized in such a way that will be useful for every scenario.

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Ah, hoisted by my own petard…

Yes. A wiki is not really what I’m talking about per se. I’m thinking about how Microsoft uses DocFx and I would like to create help pages that summarize a topic and link back to posts here, to EpicCare, EpicWiki, EpicorUsers.org, GingerHelp, YouTube, etc.

There are some topics that come up often enough that it would be easier to send folks to a help link than ask them to search. New users won’t know good search words, etc. It would not be useful for every scenario, just the more common themes that arise here.

But this should not be the work of a single person. It needs to be crowdsourced or it will fail, just like EpicWiki.org did. (It points here now).


Easy there Shakespeare.





I get it . . . .but there is already so much information out there that IS easy to find and people still don’t read it before asking questions. I think that’s just the nature of human communication on the internet - people want to be answered personally, or just don’t understand what they are reading, or just missed something and they need more eyes on it, or whatever other explanation.


But, I’m interested in the concept and this gives me a testbed. Is DocFx better than SharePoint? (for a company, not EpiUsers) Can Docs as Code teach people to use source control? (Which Epicor shops are not known for since the toolset promotes Pet building…) Can a crowd-source index be better than multiple searches across multiple domains? (Google doesn’t crawl EpicCare for example).

And back to the original question, how would one organize it? I have an idea but I am certainly not the brightest bulb in the room. :person_shrugging:

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I would organize it by Master Data first. This would be Part, Customer, etc that can be found in multiple areas in Epicor. Then I would take what is left and mirror the Main Menu.

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Wish I had something more useful to add… I know I waste a lot of energy (re)finding “stuff”.
The few attempts I have made to get more systematic with knowledge have fizzled due to lack of time, higher priority tasks.
So to find “stuff” I keep using memory, limited search tools/skills and storing some of the more interesting bit in a crude, local directory structure.


I can certainly see combining your and @jkane’s:

  • a technical section like above
  • a business object (Master Files) section
  • a business process section (How do I reverse an invoice?, …)

The last two would mimic the Epicor Menu.

And of course, the index is searchable so it’s not like going back to the orignal Yahoo! search engine.



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Wordpress can work pretty well for this. We have a private server using DocPress theme that I built a more robust search on top of. Like a mini stack overflow for Epicor but no questions only answers.

  1. Stuff I care about (many detailed subcategories)
  2. Stuff other people care about (one folder)

That’s how I packed the stuff in my house when we moved.

  • Jason’s clothes, Jason’s Legos, etc.
  • vs.
  • Kitchen stuff, more kitchen stuff, “Stuff I found in closets” (not kidding - that was everyone’s favorite)

All joking aside though, it’s hard to quantify what “everyone” deems relevant. And we’ve all evolved over time in what we care about.

I like your categories. Seems the most sustainable. Easily enforced boundaries.

The way I read them is:

  • Business Processes
    • Should I get cute with job numbers, for example
  • Customization/Coding Section
    • C# and widgets (BPMs, EFx)
    • BAQs, too? And SSRS?
  • Administration
    • Stuff on the server(s)
  • Menu Items (Production, Sales, Financial Management, …)
    • How normal people use Epicor - “How do I do a cycle count” for example

But you had “How do I reverse an invoice” as a process - so I think I misunderstand this a bit. I would have had it as a menu item.

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I feel like you could make a whole section for “What are the ripple effects from doing” such and such?


THIS is the exact kind of summarization I want in this “wiki” that is tougher to glean from reading every post in a thread. And the entry should always link back to the source so people can see the discussion that led to that summarization.

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Late to the party as usual, but I could not agree more with @JasonMcD posts above. I like the original list you have @Mark_Wonsil and I agree with Jason’s expansion - but the ripple effect stuff is huge.

I spend 1/2 my time talking about the ripple effect of people’s ideas and I would love to have a place to validate - double check - prove what I’m saying to/for the users.

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I… Will… create… a …wiki…

I seem to remember a recent post on the wonders and virtues of tags. I wonder if you were to provide seed tags as you build and perhaps allow at least some portion of your user base (the experienced) to add to the tags as a crowd source means of weighting relationships of topics - via a Word cloud search result and simply skip ‘structure’ or provide an alternative with a simple structure? Another dreamer, so you are not the only one…


Yeah seems like that for me, too. The last few months of new leadership here has brought a lot of rethinking of how we use Epicor, and that’s good but rather draining for me since I hadn’t fought these fights since like 2017-18 and had mentally put it all behind me.

One recently was “Can we make some bins non-nettable?” Obviously we all knew it was possible - that’s not the real question.

And my answer was, “You know, I have this gut feeling it’s a really bad idea, but I’ll have to test this.”

Basically I have to try to invent scenarios where this will backfire - without knowing that it will in fact backfire.

So I did test, and yes, it’s a bad idea. (You are removing the OH qty. but not removing the demand that it is for. It’s like a one-sided journal entry if you know accounting at all.)

But yeah, having a reasonably-definitive, crowd-sourced answer would be great.

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Your job == my job.
You have to know accounting, purchasing, inventory, scheduling, engineering, sales - everything.


I really like where you’re going with this tags idea…

I can picture a feature where when you highlight any text on the site you get a second button (next to the Quote button) that says “Gild” , “Wisdom Capture”, something like that. Kind of like Reddit Gold, but tied directly to a text snippet, not the whole post.

Then have some kind of sidebar or new category where you can view all the gilded text snippets in one place. Click the snippet to go to the actual post/thread.