Ignoring the PDT Tool recommendation - Ready to Process flag

Hi guys,

EpicCare support often asks us to submit PDT results, and then it’s pulling teeth to try and explain why we have some settings contrary to the PDT recommendation. One is the ReadyToProcess checkbox in Company Configuration.

We have ours set to True (we do use Avalara), since we don’t want to bother our sales folks to do another click at the end of the order… We haven’t had performance complaints, so I’d rather leave it.

Is there a good reason to change it to false, other than trying to justify to 1st line support that it’s OK… EVERY. SINGLE.TIME.

Thanks for your thoughts!

RuleID RuleKey1 RuleKey2 RuleDetails
G007 XaSyst.SOReadyToCalcDflt 1 Warning - This should be 0 (False). Sales Order Entry, Ready To Process Flag is affected by this. This should be false else by default each new Sales Order is created with Ready To Process as true.

I believe if that is set to True and you make any change to the sales order and save it will send an update to Avalara. I think Avalara also bills by transaction so you could be paying additional amounts other than if you were just sending ready to calc manually.

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