IIS Worker Process is taking up all CPU power and lots of disk space

All of a sudden the IIS Worker Process is taking up all CPU power and lots of disk space! How do I troubleshoot this? We didn’t do any major change recently. We do have many BPMs running mainly on Order Entry functions.

I am not sure how to tackle this issue. For now we have increased number of CPUs and disk space to accommodate with Epicor’s needs.

I’ve not found a way to troubleshoot it precisely, but it happens to us every other month or so. We’re guessing that it’s a small chunk of “bad” code somewhere - either mine or Epicor’s that has chocked on the data. Could be a query, or an update/save event that hangs due to contention, or whatever.

Just recycle the application pool and wait 30 seconds. Seems to do the trick.
I just wish the worker process would identify which app pool instance it was for.

Arash, I troubleshot this many moons ago.

Do you have the performance and diagnostic tool installed? And do you have the app servers logging right now?

I do have this issue from time to time but not for disk space.
Usually, it only devours my ram

Only fix is a good ol recycle.


What do you mean by this exactly? What data is filling the disk? Appservers should not ever have much data accumulating on the disk; server logs and EpicorData are about it.

If you’re talking about SQL disks that’s another story.

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