Illegal Characters In Part Numbers - anyone have a list of them?

Does anyone have an “official” list of characters that you shouldn’t use in Part Numbers?



There’s an Epicor white paper on it. I’ll look for it.

I’d say there’s a few that should be ABSOLUTLEY avoided: ' (the foot mark), " (the inch mark), and (space), and any other characters a potential Barcode format might use.

Avoid the space character, as its easy to put an em space in when copying and pasting from a website. Or even if someone uses MS Word to convey the “part number”. Same for the “em dash” too.


here it is:


Like Calvin says, and included in the paper, pick only characters that can be barcoded and safely sent using HTML (so no ", ', <, >, &, etc.)

My favorite part system:


The first three for some category and the remaining incrementing by one. Use more digits if necessary. The category will get screwed up quickly when a part can belong to two different ones but intelligent parts aren’t for long.


I was just tinkering with Dynamic account segments, and I got a warning about underscore (we have some old ones with that), if you were to use part number as a segment.

Fair warning, I have no idea how dynamic segments work, but thought I’d throw that out there. (Research time!)


Thanks gentlemen. I recall from Jose’s REST extended education class at epicor insights that HTML would start to play a role in standards.

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Hmmm … a quick BAQ of our part table shows 33 entries with an en-dash in the PartNum.
Most are Inactive. I’d bet that they were copied from a website and pasted right into the Part Entry.

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Non-marking hyphens (elongated hyphen or dash) are also bad news. - is ok but – not this guy