I'm new to BPM and would like to ask for your help. What is the syntax for writing code in BPM, such as assigning current row value to a variable, displaying message prompts, error prompts, etc.?

for example:
assigning current row value to a variable:
var ds = new Erp.Tablesets.DMRProcessingTableset();
var Packslip=ds.DMRActn[????].Packslip;


throw new System.Exception(“Stop”);
throw new Ice.BLException(callContextBpmData.Character01);

@yitao_gu Get the tech guid for your version from https://epicweb.epicor.com/. It has sample bpms. Epicor would prefer using widgets and not code unless it can’t be helped.

You also will want to go to the 10.2.700 list and get the BPM cookbook, converted code programming guide and the BO reference since I do not see them listed after that.


Thank you very much for your reply. We have used a lot of C# custom development in Epicor, but these developments may not be usable in the future. Therefore, we want to use BPM to replace some of the development content. So I want to learn the syntax of BPM, and is authorization required for Epicweb? It seems that I cannot access it personally.

Yes, you need your CAM to get you access I think. Going forward customizations will be moved to bpms, but also functions that you can call from the client.

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