Image Column Rule in Fulfilment Workbench


I am trying to build an Image Column Rule where the Reserved Qty is greater than or equal to a field on the Part Record.

I have the below code which kind of works but when you click on a specific line in the fulfilment Workbench it shows the Image Rule for all that match the Image Rule as per the below Image.
I just need it to show per Line and i am unsure on what i have missed from the code.

private void CreateRowRuleOrderAllocReservedQtyGreaterThanOrEqualTo()
// Description: OverPalletQty
// **** begin autogenerated code ****
RuleAction exclamationOrderAlloc_OverPalletQty = RuleAction.SetImage(this.oTrans, “OrderAlloc.OverPalletQty”, “Exclamation”);
RuleAction[] ruleActions = new RuleAction[] {
// Create RowRule and add to the EpiDataView.
RowRule rrCreateRowRuleOrderAllocReservedQtyGreaterThanOrEqualTo = new RowRule(“OrderAlloc.ReservedQty”, RuleCondition.GreaterThanOrEqualTo, “Part_1.PalletQty_c”, ruleActions);
// **** end autogenerated code ****

Just bumping this thread for ideas?