IMOrderHed and IMOrderDtl

How to access IM Tables from BPM in Epicor 10.
Have anyone tried this and please let me know the use of IM Tables in Epicor.


In Epicor 9, we can access from BPM without any issue. But In E10, I couldn’t.

I got the solution we can call using the BO Object SOPOLinkSvcContract and using the methods GetRows, GetOrderDtl…

Thanks for the response… Hope this helps…

Thanks @Dhanalakshmi . I used to update IMCustomer in E9. This give an idea.

I am able to access the tables IMOrderHed and IMOrderDtl using the BO Object SOPOLinkSvcContract. But it didn’t return any rows. Is there any other way to access the tables so it return rows?

bool morePages = false;
string whereClauseIMOrderHednew = “Company =‘MJP’”;

Erp.Contracts.SOPOLinkSvcContract hICPOLinkSvc = Ice.Assemblies.ServiceRenderer.GetService<Erp.Contracts.SOPOLinkSvcContract>(Db);
Erp.Tablesets.SOPOLinkTableset hICPOLinkTS = new Erp.Tablesets.SOPOLinkTableset();

hICPOLinkTS = hICPOLinkSvc.GetRows(whereClauseIMOrderHednew, “”, “”, “”, 0, 0, out morePages);

foreach (Erp.Tablesets.IMOrderHedRow IMHRow in hICPOLinkTS.IMOrderHed)
foreach (Erp.Tablesets.IMOrderDtlRow IMDtRow in hICPOLinkTS.IMOrderDtl)