Import csv to engineering workbench

I’ve recently come across this thread that helped me import a csv to engineering workbench:

I want to know if there is a way to import more data than just partnum, qty, desc.
I personally add a lot of data in the purchasing and manufacturing comments tabs.
Is this possible?

Louis D.


I thought that referneced post was about using copy and paste inert/update.

— End edit —

  1. Personalize the Eng Workbench screen to show the two comment fields:

    Then they’ll show in the List view.

  2. Rearrange the columns to put the comments over near the fields you’re inserting/updating. And Save Layouts.

Now you should have those columns available to populate.

Calvin, even if you were mistaken this still helps a lot! I can copy paste that info in without having to click through the tabs to get there.

Directly importing would still be ideal for me, but this is a step in the right direction.

Thank you!

I thought of a real hack of a way to do it… I haven’t actually tested it.

It would be along the lines of adding the MfgComments to the PartDescription, with some unique identifier text. Then have a BPM extract that from the PartDesc, placing the comment into the appropriate table.

For example, if your PartDesc and Mfg Comment were:

  • Mfg Comment: TO BE BRONZE PLATED

the new PartDesc would be


The BPM would break extract that into the two separate parts setting each in the BOMMtl.

I found that after I import the parts (as described in the link i posted) then I can copy that whole chart from the list tab.
I then pasted in excel and added the mfg and pur comments and pasted back into epicor.
Seems to work with a few extra steps. still better than changing one by one when I already have an excel doc with all the details.

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