Import Error for Function - Syntax OK - in dev environment

Receiving error when trying to import a library from Dev to Pilot. Receive Syntax Ok in dev and can promote to production.

Error shows function is SetResult.cs, which makes sense. Also shows (71,29), which I would think is line 71 position 29, but the function doesn’t have more than 30 lines. Is there a way to see the source code generated as a result of the function so I can see where it is struggling?

Error is: Cannot implicitly convert type ‘void’ to ‘string’, which I would think would generate an error in Dev if this was the case. It does reference a new UD table, but that has been migrated successfully, data model regened and shows green ‘in sync’.


Old School PITA, added lines to see how it affected the error line, export, import - rinse & repeat

Issue delt with a function call with a different signature between environments. ughh.