Importing Excel Lines Into a Form

I have a form with fields that I need to populate with data from an Excel Worksheet. I am trying to accomplish this using Ice.Lib.ExcelReader.Dll but I am struggling. If anyone has an example of Excel Reader being used or can offer any alternatives it would be greatly appreciated.

@aaronb Is the standard paste insert not available on this form? Another possible solution is updateable BAQ. It can do paste insert and uptake from excel.

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Hi Greg:

I have an updatable BAQ I am using in a dashboard to update BuyerID for parts. Do you have an idea as to why I would not see the ‘Uptake from Excel’ option in the actions menu?


@jharrington I think uptake only shows if you are going to add new records. I only have it on one dashboard and they use paste insert there anyway.

You can use copy to excel and make the changes in the spreadsheet and do a paste update into the dashboard. Just be sure to have the top row active when doing the paste update.

Thank you Greg. Most appreciated!