In need of code critique

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Trying to set up a data directive that pushes the value from a BAQ calculated field into a UD field on the SugPoDtl table. Admittedly, I am not too well versed in LINQ, so here’s the code and what results when I check the syntax:

What am I missing here? Any suggestions are welcome, thanks!

Executing a BAQ on a Data Directive is a sure fire way to bring your system to a grinding halt.

You are already in a BPM (server side) so you should be able to just lookup the value using LINQ from wherever it comes from and copy it around.


Performance issues aside, the dataset doesn’t contain rows, it contains tables!

Should be dsResults.Tables[0].Rows[0]

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@HLalumiere Thanks for the tip; when I tweaked it like this:

and checked the syntax, I got no errors.
Now attempting to generate PO suggestions, and wait…

What are some good resources on learning LINQ, other than Microsoft’s own documentation?