In Transit causing major issues

Hello All, I’ve seen this issue posted a few times since 2009.
I am a storeman that got pulled in to help with the rollout of epicor 7 months ago so don’t know all the ins and outs of the program but we recently identified this issue of Transfer Order suggestions ignoring In-Transit stock which in turn creates additional PO suggestions which are mostly unrealistic or impossible.
We are working around this issue by immediately receiving the stock into our satellite sites which in turn creates its own problems obviously.
Our Project Manager that was hired to roll out and set up epicor obviously has a ticket in with epicor to fix this problem but if I am seeing posts about this since 2009 I’m wondering if there ever will be a fix.
My question is what is everyone else doing about this problem?
Our workaround throws our stock control out the window.

Thanks for any assistance or suggestions.